Alloy surcharge prices for stainless steel fall for the first time (June 2022)

As the Filame Group does every month, we have consulted our panel of suppliers to provide the most accurate estimate possible of the evolution of the price of the alloy surcharges for the stainless steel grades that the Filame Group uses on a regular basis.

For the month of June, after the surge in May, a drop in prices was noted for the first time in June.

It is too early to say whether this reflects a lasting downward trend in the markets, but the trend follows the one observed for steel prices.

It should be noted that all suppliers still apply an energy surcharge that varies from 235€/tonne to 385€/tonne to integrate the increase in energy costs.

Filame reminds that the price of the alloy surcharge is fixed month by month by the different suppliers according to the qualities of stainless steel they offer.  There are therefore differences between the various suppliers, but the trend is noticeable for all concerned.

Furthermore, the price is defined on the day the material is delivered. There can therefore be differences between the time of the order and the time of delivery, especially since delivery times are still quite long, even if they are stabilizing.

It should also be noted that the figures below are a general trend among steel manufacturers and that the price among slitters, wire drawers or wholesalers varies according to the quality requested, the nature of the product (sheet, coil, wire), the quantities requested, the thickness or diameter of the wire and the packaging.

Filame also draws the attention of its customers to the fact that it still may have to adapt its prices, if necessary, according to the evolution of the price of materials between the time of the order and the time of the delivery.