Our engineering and design studio is made up of several highly-specialised industrial designers and toolmakers working in CAD and 3D (solidworks, Logopress …). They design data sheets for parts and develop plans for parts, but also design custom-made tools for use in our manufacturing process to make your parts as efficiently as possible.

Design assistance and industrialization

Our design studio can draw your plans of your pieces, realise your designs and projects. We also help you refine your plans and measurements of your parts and make sure that the parts you imagined can be produced industrially at the best cost. We also help you design your springs, and calculate the forces according to various constraints you provide.

Whether the of the new slide for cabin luggages for Brussels National Airport, the design of new cutting pliers, innovative colsons, or the re-engineering of the accelerator pedal of a driving simulator, our engineering department is at your disposal.


For the industrial manufacturing of parts in large volumes on automatic repeat press or on a slide machine, the design and implementation of specific and quality tools is a key factor in the success of your project. Our research and design studio and our specialised toolmakers design, draw and realize in our own center all the tools that the production of your parts requires. Their know-how is the key to your success.

Whether a tool of 19 steps for our 320T press for the manufacturing of a piece for the dashboard of the new Jaguar model, or a tool that allows the lock cover to be manufactured in one step rather than three steps as do our competitors and therefore go three times faster, or a tool for our Biller slide machines allowing the manufacture and assembly of specific spring clips for street lights, our toolmakers will offer you the best solution at the best cost.