With 20% of its revenue from the locksmith industry, Filame has particular expertise with global and European industry leaders.

Thanks to its mastery of the manufacture of springs in very fine wire (from 0.1mm in various metal quality) and the quality of its automatic mechanical presses, the Filame Group manufactures all the components used in the manufacture of locks (with the exception of the cylinder) for a variety of customers.

From the unit to several million pieces, Filame offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and need our expertise or already have your final plans and specifications, we are here to help you.

Examples of our work and clients in the industry

For the world’s largest manufacturers of lock (Assa Abloy, Euro-Locks, Thirard …), Filame manufactures all the mechanical parts that go into the making of a lock (springs, strike, rider, screen, cover).

Regarding springs, with its high precision machinery fleet for compression springs,  Filame masters perfectly the winding of extra fine diameter (from 0.1 mm) wire springs, whether in stainless steel or classic steel spring. In this context Filame ensures 100% quality control with automatic rejection of defective parts and automatic adjustment of the machine based on the parameters of these controls. This allows Filame’s customers a zero defect manufacture.

With its extremely fast automatic press fleet, Filame and the know-how of its tool shop that manufactures the most accurate and efficient press tools, Filame manufactures for its customers all parts coming in the manufacture of a lock (apart from the cylinder itself) at very high speeds, which enables it to deliver several tens of millions of pieces per year. Filame manufactures hundreds of different items for its customers, which certainly makes Filame one of the best European experts in the field.

Example parts

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