The Filame Group is trusted by world-leading players in a variety of industries as a manufacturer of high-tech wire and sheet metal works. From individual parts to large series, we manufacture springs and wire forms, cutting parts and stamping, sheet metal works and welding.

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A proven expertise in our customers' industries

Whether you need springs and wire forms, such as torsion springs, compression springs, tension springs and plate springs or all type of sheet metal works, presses work, stampings and stamping on mechanical and hydraulic presses, our Swiss, German, Italian and Japanese CNC machines and their control systems are the guarantors of a defect-free manufacturing. The Filame Group offers various technologies in metalworking, a well as a recognized presence in the market and high-quality customer service. Filame Brussels is ISO 9001 and Caterpillar MQ11005 certified, and works under SPC.

Filame works with products ranging from individual units to large series for the industry in general. Our top 10 list of customers contains world and European leaders in their fields of activity and demonstrates our renowned know-how in the manufacturing operations entrusted to our company. We have a proven expertise in the following industries: Civil engineering machineries, forklifts and industrial vehiclesAutomotiveLocksmithConstruction and building equipmentMechanical engineeringAerospaceMedical and pharmaceuticalGaskets and seals Industrial kitchens, caravanning and boat equipment.

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They trust us