With several percent of our turnover coming from supplying stainless steel surfaces for the hospitality, brewery, caravan/camping and boating industries, Filame has particular expertise with global and European leaders in this area.

From a single unit to multi-million units, Filame offers you a global solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and require our expertise or already have your final plans and technical specifications, we are here to assist.

Examples of our work and clients in the industry

On the one hand, our expertise in deep stamping on hydraulic press and our 300T,  800T and 7000T presses fleet,  and on the other hand, our mastery of resistance welding and welding robot rollers, Filame has extensive expertise in the manufacturing of small and large work plans (incl. with sinks and integrated gas burners) for the Horeca, camping and caravanning industries.

Filame manufactures most of the references for Antoine, a European leader in bar work plans. With its 7000T press, Filame can stamp Antoine‘s worktops up to 3 meters long in one stroke.

In the area of camping and caravanning, Filame works for the Caravelle Group,  and manufactures many handset sinks, stoves,  and countertops. We also work in the boating industry and provide similar equipment for boats and yachts.

The Filame Group also commercialises its own range of products in this area, under the brand Suterinox. More information is available on our brand’s website: www.suterinox.be

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