Elgiloy or Phynox is a Cobalt-Chromium-Nickel (Co41Cr16Ni15) (AMS5833 and AMS5834) super alloy which exhibits high strength, good fatigue life, good ductibility and good mechanical properties at ambient temperature.  It has also an excellent corrosion resistance in numerous environments.  It is not magnetic.

The Elgiloy can have spring quality.  In this case it must undergo a heat treatment at 520° for 5 hours.

Elgiloy is used in particular for making wire springs and more particularly for sealing gaskets.  It is also used in the field of medical devices and more particularly in dental devices.  Finally, it is used in the petrochemical, aeronautical and marine industries.

Filame uses Elgiloy in wire form, for example for sealing gaskets springs and for its customers in the medical and dental devices industry (non spring wire).