Filame has particular expertise with global and European industry leaders.

The Filame Group masters stamping and welding in medical grade stainless steal as well as the manufacture of springs specific to certain medical equipments.

From the unit to several million pieces, Filame offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and need our expertise or already have your final plans and specifications, we are here to help you.

Examples of our work and clients in the industry

For the medical and pharmaceutical industry,  Filame manufactures stamped parts in medical grade stainless steel for the manufacture of subassembly used in medical devices or drug manufacturing.

The expertise of its research department and tooling department is also recognized in this area. For the Pharmatec Group, Filame has intervened in the design and manufacture of capsules distribution turrets entering a complex chain of drug manufacturing.

Filame’s stamping mastery for this type of medical and food quality stainless steel also brings Filame to manufactures parts for the handling of food, especially for the Colruyt Group.

Finally Filame’s mastery of thin springs, derived from its operations for the locksmith, allows Filame to manufacture special springs used in special medical devices (endoscopy, …).

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