A steel is a metal alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon (in proportions of between 0,02% and 2%).

It is essentially the carbon content that gives the alloy the properties of steel.  There are other iron-based alloys that are not steels, such as cast iron.

Below 0.35 carbon, steel will be considered non-spring (or not hard) steel.

There are therefore different types of steel :

There are other names :

We may also find other denominations  such as St37, Stxx, S235JR, S355JR which all designate non-spring steels, intended for construction or not.

All these steels are suitable for laser cutting, bending or stamping.

With over 20% of its turnover from civil engineering machinery, forklift & industrial vehicle, The Filame Group has extensive expertise with global and European leaders in these industries.

For this sector, Filame mainly manufactures a set of laser cut parts or mechanical press (shim, washer) and a set of sheet metal parts and welded assemblies. The Filame Group masters the wide range of the control and exigence systems needed for clients such as Caterpillar.

From the unit to several million pieces, Filame offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and need our expertise or already have your final plans and specifications, we are here to help you.

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