Flat springs / plate springs come in an infinite range of configurations. Given that the spring is a steel quality and not a shape, our only limit is the thickness and width of the material.

We manufacture flat springs in all dimensions and qualities from 0.15 to 6 mm in thickness in small, medium or large series.

We work the spring strips in a semi-hard state (annealed-hardened steel) possibly with heat treatment after they have been shaped (hardened + tempered). We can also work directly with hardened steel if the part’s geometry allows. We also work with spring-quality stainless steel (inox 301) in various hardnesses (rm 1100-1300, rm 1300-1500, rm 1500-1700).

  • Spring steel XC75, XC80, XC100
  • Inox 301 (E1 to E6)
  • Inox 304, 316
  • Phosphor bronze, beryllium
  • Copper, brass …
  • Inconel

For more details, please download the following table:

  • Oiling
  • Zinc plating
  • Epoxy coating
  • Cataphoresis
  • Teflon © coating
  • Geomet © coating
  • Passivation
  • Phosphate treatment
  • Marking
  • Ultrasonic cleaning
  • Microbillage
  • Tribofinition
  • Ebavurage
  • Grenaillage
  • Unit packaging in sachets, etc.