Filame now has two 3D printers, including a Creatbot F430 printer.

Filame can therefore 3D print not only prototyping tools but also production tools for small series (e.g. bending punches).

The Creatbot F430 printer can also be used to produce more complex prototypes, to make very precise inspection jigs and even to produce spare parts for our machinery.

The extension of the 3D printing capacities thus provides Filame with the capacity to offer these productions at more advantageous costs and with much greater dimensional precision (0.03 mm).

In this context, Filame can now work with various materials (PLA – ABS – HIPS – PC – TPE – Nylon _ PETG – AS – PP – PVA – Glass fibre infused – Carbon fibre infused – Metal Fill – Wood Fill), the main advantage of which is increased hardness.