With 10% of its revenue from the construction industry, Filame has particular expertise with global and European industry leaders.

The Filame Group manufactures a set of pieces on automatic mechanical press (carpentry, steel or aluminum), springs and wire forms for its customers in this sector.

From the unit to several million pieces, Filame offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and need our expertise or already have your final plans and specifications, we are here to help you.

Examples of our work and clients in the industry

In the vast construction industry, Filame supplies several major groups active in the steel or aluminum joinery (SAPA: window frame manufacturing) in general contracting (Galère, …), in sanitary equipment (Nicoll: sanitary and bathroom parts) or in the interior design equipment (STUV: wood and pellets stoves; PLAKA Concrete: fasteners for concrete construction) with all types of metal parts, stainless and special steels for construction (Corten, …). Whether laser cut parts, sheet metal parts bent at the press brake, stamped draining racks, mass produced window frames on our automatic presses or steel clips for terraces manufactured on our Biller slide machine, Filame has extensive expertise in this sector. Filame also does the surface treatments (zinc, …) and paints with specialized subcontractors.

With its research and development office, Filame is involved in supporting architects, general contractors, to help them create all parts that construction may require. Filame has designed new bunkering slides for the cabin luggages for Brussels National airport.

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