Filame uses copper and different copper alloys like copper-beryllium (CuBe), bronze (CuSn) and brass (CuZn) in different forms and for various applications.

Beyllium copper or cuproberyllium has remarkable mechanical properties.  Ii has a very high resistance, is not magnetic, but has also good electrical conductivity.  It is also easily weldable.  Finally, it is explosion-proof and therefore can be used for all ATEX applications (such as in  the petrochemical industry).  Becasue of its resistance, it is used in the form of sheet, coils or wire to make springs, with heat treatment on the finished part.

Filame uses copper (with different hardnesses) mainly in the form of coils for cutting / Stamping on an automatic presses to make parts like electrical contactors.  Filame does not use copper as wire.

Filame uses copper-beryllium to make wire or clip and blade springs in particular to make electrical contactors (weldable on PCB plate), electrical pods for the electromechanical industry or for the locksmith industry.

In some cases, Filame also uses bronze wire to make springs.  However, copper-breyllium will be preferred.

Finally Filame uses brass (with different hardnesses) in the same way and for the same applications as for copper.