Filame strengthens its small wire forming capabilities

To support its rapid development in the manufacturing of small wire components, Filame has just acquired a new wire forming machine.

This new 15-axis digital machine can process wire with diameters ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm, at very high speeds.  It reinforces Filame’s capacity to manufacture torsion springs, extension springs and wire formed in small diameters.

The manufacture of springs and formed wire in small diameters is one of Filame’s specialties, as it produces springs from wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm for various industries such as locksmithing, push-buttons, electronics, electromechanics, etc.

Filame celebrates its 25th anniversary!

Filame SA was created in May 1999, taking over the activities of Filame SPRL.

25 years at the service of its customers and still with one speciality: the manufacture of wire and flat parts, especially in spring material.

25 years of continuous development, from investment in a large machine park to the takeover and integration of several other companies active in the same fields.

25 years of winning new customers and new markets, making Filame a company whose customers include the largest international industrial groups in many sectors.

25 years resolutely focused on exporting to conquer European and international markets.

Thank you to everyone, staff, customers, suppliers and bankers who have placed their trust in us over the years.

Electronic profile projector

As part of its ongoing drive to improve production quality,  Filame has acquired several new MicroStudio CAL2D-50 electronic profile projectors.

These enable operators of both spring machines and presses for flat parts to measure several parts directly, quickly and very accurately as the production process progresses, and to adjust any deviations.

These electronic profile projectors complement all the traditional means used by operators, giving them a better view of measurements and compliance with tolerances.

Filame at Hannover Messe

The Hanover Messe is Europe’s largest industrial trade fair. Every two years, industrial companies gather in Germany for this week-long event.

As part of its rapid expansion in Germany, Filame is taking part in this trade fair with AWEX, showcasing its unique expertise in the manufacture of precision metal parts.

Filame takes part in Hannover Messe

Filame is taking part in Hannover Messe, which will be held in Hannover from 22 to 26 April 2024.

After exhibiting at Global Industrie in Paris at the end of March, Filame is continuing its European expansion by exhibiting at Germany’s largest trade fair for industrial subcontracting.

Filame will be pleased to welcome you on its Stand F13 in Hall 8 in the AWEX collective.

Come and discover our know-how.

Materials price trends in the first quarter of 2024

Although a slight recovery in steel prices seemed to be taking shape in the fourth quarter of 2023, it has not yet really materialised. The economic outlook in China remains weak, which also has an indirect effect on steel prices in Europe.

In Europe, the German market remains very weak, with an overall decline of 5% compared with the same period in 2023, due in particular to a fall in the automotive market. This decline could reach 25%.

As demand remains weak, pushing prices down – despite a small increase of 40/tonne in March – there will continue to be a risk of steel mills closing capacity in order to maintain a certain price level. This type of closure is obviously likely to handicap a future recovery in the event of a sharp increase in demand.

Against this backdrop, steel and stainless steel prices have remained stable at very low levels. Alloy surcharge prices followed the same trend, with a slight upturn in March.

Filame takes part in the Global Industrie show in Paris

Filame will be taking part in the Salon Global Industrie in Paris from 25 to 28 March 2024.

Together with the Hanover Messe (22 – 26 April 2024 – which Filame will also be attending), Global Industrie is Europe’s largest trade fair for industrial subcontracting.

Filame will be delighted to welcome you to its Stand 6C50 in the metal forming village.

Come and discover our know-how.

Material price trends in the fourth quarter of 2023

While the third quarter saw a downward trend in steel prices, it seems that the low point has been reached.

The fourth quarter saw a slight upturn in prices.  In Europe, this was mainly the result of production cutbacks at major producers such as Arcelor Mittal and Tata Steel, which shut down several blast furnaces for maintenance and inspection.  This reduction in production volumes is also evident at global level, with output down by 5% in China.

This limitation of volumes has had its effect.  In Europe, this was coupled with specific measures in certain countries, such as Germany, to boost the competitiveness of their industry and thus maintain prices.

There has also been an increase of around 8% in motor vehicle production, particularly in Germany and China, which has supported price rises.

In the stainless steel market, the downward trend in alloy surcharges continued.  However, stainless steel prices remained relatively stable over the period because the rise in steel prices offset the fall in alloy surcharges.

For the beginning of 2024, depending on the commodity, the price of a tonne of steel will vary between €740 and €890 per tonne.

A fine example of Filame’s expertise: a tool for automatic press

Filame specialises in the mass production of parts on automatic presses using multi-step tools.

Filame’s design office designs, manufactures and maintains all the tools that Flame uses for its production.  Filame has thus developed unique know-how that enables it to guarantee its customers the production of the most complex parts.

For a major industrial group, Filame produced a tool for its 320 T automatic press, measuring 1600 * 800 mm and weighing around 2.5 tonnes.  This complex tool is used to make U-shaped rolled folds along the entire length of the part (200 mm), while at the same time making multiple cuts and folds inside the part.

You can watch this video.

Material price trends in the third quarter of 2023

The trend in steel prices was fairly uneven in the third quarter of 2023.

Rising interest rates, persistently high energy prices (even though they have fallen since the crisis in the summer of 2022), the automotive industry, which appears to be stagnating, and the construction industry, which is in decline, are leading to a downward trend in demand for raw materials and therefore for steel.

Furthermore, economic forecasts have been revised downwards in Europe and in most European countries, with Germany even threatening recession.  In addition, the fall in activity in China has meant that many Chinese producers have tried to export more at lower prices.  These increased imports have not yet been cleared through customs, as the quotas for the third quarter have been used up, but they will be in the fourth quarter, which could further depress steel prices.

Other Asian countries are experiencing the same situation, which is not improving demand for steel in general.

Prices per tonne of steel are therefore falling, to around €850 – €890 per tonne.  These are obviously base prices, as there are supplements for different qualities, thicknesses, widths and lengths.

Prices for alloy surcharges for the various categories of stainless steel are also trending slightly downwards.  This drop varies according to the quality of the stainless steel.

In view of these factors, it does not seem likely that prices will rise in the fourth quarter.  They may stabilise if the stimulus measures taken by certain countries begin to bear fruit.