Evolution of raw materials prices (steels, stainless steel, alloys, etc) in the coming weeks

According to its various suppliers and the suppliers it met at the BLECH in Stuttgart last week, Filame thinks that further increases in material prices are to be expected, particularly for strip (sheet and coil):

  • For steels (spring and non-spring), the increase would be €250 to €300 / tonne from January 2022.
  • For 304 stainless steel, an increase of about €700/tonne is expected from week 45
  • Furthermore, for 301 and 304 stainless steel, the alloy surcharge (the price of which is set on the day of delivery) continues to rise and to influence the price of these materials upwards.  This increase is mainly due to the rise in the price of nickel.

The various suppliers consulted by Filame cannot predict the duration of the upward movement or predict when prices might stabilise.

Delivery times remain relatively long.  Filame therefore urges its customers to plan their orders sufficiently in advance to enable Filame to continue to anticipate its purchases and to continue to keep delivery times as reasonable as possible.