Filame invests in a new wire EDM cutting machine, the Mitsubishi MV1200R

As part of the expansion of the capabilities of its tooling departments, Filame is investing in a second wire EDM cutting machine by acquiring a Mitsubishi MV1200R. Filame is already fitted with a Mitsubishi MV2400R.

This investment supports the rapid development of the stamping capabilities on the automatic press and Bihler slide machine of Filame, which requires ever faster production of press or Bihler slide machine tools.

Indeed, all automatic press or manual tools or for Bihler slide machines used by Filame for its customers are designed, produced and maintained by its own Engineering and tooling department.

Filame’s know-how in this area is well established. It is the key to Filame’s quality and delivery performance for all parts manufactured on its large fleet of automatic presses, manual presses and bihler slide machines and certainly a strong differentiator from its competitors.