Filame invests in new machines for its wire springs division

Filame has just acquired an Itaya brand machine for the manufacture torsion springs.

It is a 12-axis digital machine for making torsion springs and formed wire for wire diameter between 0.5mm and 2mm.

This machine reinforces the Filame machine park for the manufacture of Filame torsion springs of the Wafios brand (FMU 2.7 and FMU4) which allow it to make torsion springs and formed wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm to 4 mm .

Filame is thus establishing itself as a major player for this type of product.

In addition, Filame has also invested in an Itaya brand machine for the manufacture compression springs, which reinforces its existing machine park in the range of wire diameters from 1 mm to 3.5 mm.

Filame invests in a new wire EDM cutting machine, the Mitsubishi MV1200R

As part of the expansion of the capabilities of its tooling departments, Filame is investing in a second wire EDM cutting machine by acquiring a Mitsubishi MV1200R. Filame is already fitted with a Mitsubishi MV2400R.

This investment supports the rapid development of the stamping capabilities on the automatic press and Bihler slide machine of Filame, which requires ever faster production of press or Bihler slide machine tools.

Indeed, all automatic press or manual tools or for Bihler slide machines used by Filame for its customers are designed, produced and maintained by its own Engineering and tooling department.

Filame’s know-how in this area is well established. It is the key to Filame’s quality and delivery performance for all parts manufactured on its large fleet of automatic presses, manual presses and bihler slide machines and certainly a strong differentiator from its competitors.

Haulick Roos 125T

Filame invests in a new Haulick Roos 125T automatic press

As part of the expansion of its stamping production capacity, particularly for the automotive and construction sectors where Filame has extensive expertise and many major customers, Filame has acquired a high-speed, high-volume Haulick Roos 125T automatic press (4 columns and double connecting rod).

In addition to its speed, up to 18,000 strokes/hr, this press also has a 1150 x 840 table and a digital strip feeder, which allows Filame to make larger or more complex parts requiring a larger multi-step tool.

This press completes Filame’s large machine park in the automatic press sector, which includes presses of 10 T, 25 T, 32 T, 50 T, 63 T, 100 T, 120 T and 320 T.