Filame strengthens its small wire forming capabilities

To support its rapid development in the manufacturing of small wire components, Filame has just acquired a new wire forming machine.

This new 15-axis digital machine can process wire with diameters ranging from 0.1 mm to 0.8 mm, at very high speeds.  It reinforces Filame’s capacity to manufacture torsion springs, extension springs and wire formed in small diameters.

The manufacture of springs and formed wire in small diameters is one of Filame’s specialties, as it produces springs from wire with a diameter of 0.1 mm for various industries such as locksmithing, push-buttons, electronics, electromechanics, etc.

Electronic profile projector

As part of its ongoing drive to improve production quality,  Filame has acquired several new MicroStudio CAL2D-50 electronic profile projectors.

These enable operators of both spring machines and presses for flat parts to measure several parts directly, quickly and very accurately as the production process progresses, and to adjust any deviations.

These electronic profile projectors complement all the traditional means used by operators, giving them a better view of measurements and compliance with tolerances.

A fine example of Filame’s expertise: a tool for automatic press

Filame specialises in the mass production of parts on automatic presses using multi-step tools.

Filame’s design office designs, manufactures and maintains all the tools that Flame uses for its production.  Filame has thus developed unique know-how that enables it to guarantee its customers the production of the most complex parts.

For a major industrial group, Filame produced a tool for its 320 T automatic press, measuring 1600 * 800 mm and weighing around 2.5 tonnes.  This complex tool is used to make U-shaped rolled folds along the entire length of the part (200 mm), while at the same time making multiple cuts and folds inside the part.

You can watch this video.

Filame expands its quality control equipment

As part of the rapid development of its activities in certain high-tech sectors (automotive, aeronautics, etc.), and in order to respond even more quickly to the ever more demanding quality requirements of its customers in these sectors, Filame has strengthened its automatic control capacity by acquiring a new Keyence 8010 dimensional measurement system.

This measuring device, which complements the capabilities offered by Filame’s 3D inspection benches (Aberlink) for precise inspections, allows instantaneous and simultaneous measurements of several parts with a resolution of 2 µm.

This system allows for the simultaneous measurement of up to 300 dimensions in a matter of seconds without the need for positioning or referencing of surfaces and creates immediate inspection reports with automatic calculation of Cp and Cpk and trend curves.

Filame strengthens its 3D printing capabilities

Over the last few years, Filame has been investing in its 3D printing capabilities, in particular for the production of tooling for the manufacture of strip metal product prototypes. This strategy allows us to strongly reduce the costs hereof while increasing the speed of manufacturing. Filame is pursuing its strategy in this area.

Thus, as part of the development of its rapid tooling creation capabilities for serial products, but also to strengthen its prototyping capacity, Filame has just expanded its capabilities with the acquisition of a Creabot F430 3D printer.

In addition to a greatly increased printing speed, this printer especially works with new materials* whose main advantage is their hardness.

This means that Filame can now not only 3D print prototyping tools, but also production tools for small series (e.g. bending blades).  In addition, the Creabot F430 allows for the production of more complex prototypes, the production of highly precise inspection jigs and even the production of spare parts for our machine park.

As such, the extension of the 3D printing capacities provides Filame with the capacity to offer these productions at more advantageous costs and with significantly higher dimensional precision (0.03 mm).

* (PLA – ABS – HIPS – PC – TPE – Nylon _ PETG – AS – PP – PVA – Glass fiber infused – Carbon fiber infused – Metal Fill – Wood Fill)

Bruderer BSTA 30

Filame increases its capacity in automatic high-speed presses

Filame has acquired 3 Bruderer BSTA 30 automatic high-speed presses.

This acquisition enables Filame to significantly increase its production capacity for small parts in large series, particularly in the fields of automotive retaining parts (quickie washers, starlock ® washers, axle lock washers, Belleville washers, etc.), in steel or stainless steel, spring or non-spring quality.

Filame is thus confirming its position as a key player in these markets.

These Bruderer BSTA 30 presses have a capacity of 600 strokes per minute, which gives Filame a total production capacity of 108,000 parts per hour on its three presses.

Filame can, if required, equip these new presses with multi-pallet unwinders to increase the uninterrupted production time.  Filame can also configure its presses with a waste chopper at the press exit or a belt rewinder, depending on the needs for speed and precision.

These Bruderer BSTA 30 presses, coupled with Filame’s specific know-how in the design and manufacture of precision tools for high-speed presses, and its existing fleet of presses in these fields, give Filame an unrivalled ability to meet all its customers’ production needs from small parts to very large series and in extremely short lead times.

Filame invests in new machines for its wire springs division

Filame has just acquired an Itaya brand machine for the manufacture torsion springs.

It is a 12-axis digital machine for making torsion springs and formed wire for wire diameter between 0.5mm and 2mm.

This machine reinforces the Filame machine park for the manufacture of Filame torsion springs of the Wafios brand (FMU 2.7 and FMU4) which allow it to make torsion springs and formed wire with a diameter of 0.8 mm to 4 mm .

Filame is thus establishing itself as a major player for this type of product.

In addition, Filame has also invested in an Itaya brand machine for the manufacture compression springs, which reinforces its existing machine park in the range of wire diameters from 1 mm to 3.5 mm.

Filame invests in a new wire EDM cutting machine, the Mitsubishi MV1200R

As part of the expansion of the capabilities of its tooling departments, Filame is investing in a second wire EDM cutting machine by acquiring a Mitsubishi MV1200R. Filame is already fitted with a Mitsubishi MV2400R.

This investment supports the rapid development of the stamping capabilities on the automatic press and Bihler slide machine of Filame, which requires ever faster production of press or Bihler slide machine tools.

Indeed, all automatic press or manual tools or for Bihler slide machines used by Filame for its customers are designed, produced and maintained by its own Engineering and tooling department.

Filame’s know-how in this area is well established. It is the key to Filame’s quality and delivery performance for all parts manufactured on its large fleet of automatic presses, manual presses and bihler slide machines and certainly a strong differentiator from its competitors.

Haulick Roos 125T

Filame invests in a new Haulick Roos 125T automatic press

As part of the expansion of its stamping production capacity, particularly for the automotive and construction sectors where Filame has extensive expertise and many major customers, Filame has acquired a high-speed, high-volume Haulick Roos 125T automatic press (4 columns and double connecting rod).

In addition to its speed, up to 18,000 strokes/hr, this press also has a 1150 x 840 table and a digital strip feeder, which allows Filame to make larger or more complex parts requiring a larger multi-step tool.

This press completes Filame’s large machine park in the automatic press sector, which includes presses of 10 T, 25 T, 32 T, 50 T, 63 T, 100 T, 120 T and 320 T.