Filame joins the MecaTech cluster

Filame has just joined the MecaTech cluster, the Walloon Region’s Mechanical Engineering competitiveness cluster (

Thanks to the diversity of its metalworking skills and its experience in numerous industrial sectors in Belgium, Europe and around the world, Filame will be able to provide the other members of the network with cutting-edge expertise to support their development and innovation projects and thus actively contribute to the development of the Walloon industrial eco-system.

We wish you all an excellent year 2023

Filame would like to thank all its clients and visitors from all over the world who have visited its website and who have placed their trust in it in 2022.

We wish you all an excellent year 2023.

May it bring you all happiness and prosperity and we will continue to be at your side for the development of all your projects.

Filame appointed brand ambassador for

In the context of the Wallonia Silver Export Award, Filame has also been appointed as ambassador of the brand

Filame’s international know-how is thus recognised not only for its export performance but also for its technical know-how, which enables it to serve the largest European and world groups in all the sectors in which they are present.

Filame receives the Wallonia Silver Export Award 2022 from AWEX (Agence Wallonne à l’Exportation)

At a ceremony held on 8 September in La Hulpe, Filame received the Wallonia Silver Export Award 2022 in the presence of the Minister President of the Walloon Region, Mr Elio Di Rupo.

This award was given because of Filame’s strong international growth in recent years and its strategy of innovation in the production process.

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Filame is now self-sufficient in energy thanks to solar panels

At the beginning of 2022, Filame installed 735 solar panels with a total power of 250 kWp on the roof of its building in Nivelles.  This corresponds to a total production of 225 MWh/year

This installation has just been put into service and with the average amount of sunshine in Belgium, it allows Filame to cover 80% of its daily electricity consumption for production purposes.

Moreover, this installation avoids 67.5 tons of CO2 emissions per year.

In addition to the significant reduction in energy costs for Filame, this investment is part of Filame’s wider strategy for a low carbon transition and sustainable development.

A busy Open Day

The open day organised by Filame on Tuesday 17 May for the technical schools of Walloon Brabant and Hainaut was a great success with the visit of several students and their teachers.

They showed a particular interest in Filame’s different technologies and manufacturing processes, technologies and processes that are not necessarily available or taught in the schools.

They also showed interest in Filame’s apprenticeship proposals and in the technical training and career opportunities offered by Filame.  In this respect, Filame is currently offering a number of setting operator positions on a range of CNC machines.

Relocation of industrial purchasing – the Filame Group is at your side

According to a study by the French consultancy AgileBuyer and the Conseil National des Achats, the following trends have been observed in France.  They mark a fundamental evolution that is also valid for other countries in Europe, including Belgium.

Extract from the Executive Summary of this study

  1. A much stronger desire to relocate in Europe and in France

In 2022, crises will push 47% of purchasing departments to relocate. This is 17 points more than in 2021. Although price remains a barrier (13% in 2022 compared to 18% in 2021), it is above all difficult to buy French because certain products are not available in France (for 30% of respondents). In 2022, the areas where purchases will be relocated will mainly be in Europe (80%) before France (72%).


  1. A crisis marked by shortages

In 2022, 68% of companies will be faced with shortages. Shortages are to be found in strategic sectors such as the automotive industry (78% of respondents) and mechanical engineering/metallurgy-furniture equipment and textiles (75%). These shortages have had a strong impact on company margins according to 65% of respondents.

  1. Metals, raw materials and electronics top the list of shortages

Metals (23%), raw materials (excluding metals and chemicals) (17%) and electronics (14%) top the list of shortages identified by purchasing managers. This is closely followed by IT (13%) and transport (12%). Thus, the lack of semiconductors has a strong impact on production in the electronics and IT sectors, but also in the automotive sector.

  1. Securing supplies is still a topical issue

82% of purchasing departments will implement actions to secure supplies in 2022, compared to 74% in 2021. Continuity and security of supply are considered more important for 2022 for 45% of purchasing departments.

In this context, the Filame Group, thanks to its in-depth sectoral knowledge of the sectors most affected by this fundamental trend, its policy of closely monitoring the evolution of raw materials (see our various points on, its policy of anticipating purchasing needs in order to meet the forecasts of its customers, its mastery of materials ( and its broad technical capabilities, can help its customers to respond quickly and solidly to the supply challenges they face.

With over 20% of its turnover from civil engineering machinery, forklift & industrial vehicle, The Filame Group has extensive expertise with global and European leaders in these industries.

For this sector, Filame mainly manufactures a set of laser cut parts or mechanical press (shim, washer) and a set of sheet metal parts and welded assemblies. The Filame Group masters the wide range of the control and exigence systems needed for clients such as Caterpillar.

From the unit to several million pieces, Filame offers a comprehensive solution. Whether you are in a planning phase and need our expertise or already have your final plans and specifications, we are here to help you.

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Filame’s digital strategy wins international award

On 8 December, Filame won the International Award from Lead Forensics for its international digital strategy.

Lead Forensics highlighted the successful integration of Filame’s website ( with the Lead Forensics solution for tracking visits, and more specifically the strategy implemented to qualify visitors according to their industries and geographical markets.

This solution allows Filame to have a very quick proactive approach to qualify the needs of prospects and customers who visit its website and interact with them about it.

Watch the award ceremony in the video