Hasteloy is a super alloy of nickel-chromium-molybdenum.  Hasteloy has a high mechanical strength and resists to corrosion from sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid and acetic acid.  It is also resistant to temperatures of over 800°.

Due to its mechanical resistance, it can be used for spring parts.  In this case, it must undergo a stress relief annealing between 400 and 450° for 2 hours.

The two main grades are C-276 and C-2000.  Hasteloy C-2000 has higher strength than Hasteloy C-276.

Hasteloy is used in the chemical inddustry, petrochemical industry (production of natural gas in particular), paper mills, incinerators (desulphurization).

Filame uses Hasteloy primarily for wire springs for seals  for its customers in the chemical and petrochemical industries.